Do I Need SEO In Order For My Business To Survive?


In today’s competitive business landscape, if you do not have a website then you are going to be left behind. Having a website is crucial for business. It doesn’t matter what type of service or product you offer, if your website is not on Google then you are losing business. 66% of  searches now come directly from mobile. Let’s say for example you are a plumber in Seattle or Chicago, if someone searches for your services and you do not show up on the first page for that term then you are losing business to your competitors that rank ahead of you. You may be thinking, “how do I get my website to the top of the search engines?” It’s fairly simple, SEO is like a popularity contest, the more websites, and social profiles talk about you, the more authority and relevance you get from Google. People often make out SEO to be this complex infrastructure in which it can be however when it comes down to it, SEO is about being popular online.

How can SEO help my business?

SEO can literally make your website show up #1 when someone searches for “dentist in Chicago” or “roofer in Seattle.” No matter your business, SEO can take a business that is barely getting by to a business that consistently reaches new milestones month after month. Google essentially does your advertising for you. You’re on the first page results for a given keyword so that makes the people searching see you as an authority and more likely to do business with you.

How do I find the right SEO Agency?

This is something that businesses always ask themselves. The thing is, SEO gets a bad rap because of the thousands of agencies that charge pennies and do more harm than good to your website. You should do your research and figure that agencies that charge anywhere from $1500-$10,000 often will offer the best value. You want to make sure you get the best SEO agency in your city. As we mentioned previously, the right Seattle SEO Agency can get you the results you need. The same goes for the top Chicago SEO Expert, make sure you do your research prior to working with any agency. You also do not have to be in the same city as the agency, just make sure they have a proven track record.




Basic Marketing Fundamentals To Get You More Business


To get people interested in your product or service, you have to follow a few basic marketing fundamentals. There are some here that you are going to get familiar with if you want to. When you are able to get this to work for you, it should lead to a boost in sales and interested customers.

Get to know who your ideal customers are like so you can market only to them. It’s a waste of time trying to spread your message to everyone if there are groups that won’t have any use for your products or services. To learn a little more about who you need to spread the word to, you need to make a few outlines of who the customers are that are likely to benefit from the company you have. As you make more and more sales you can look into who makes up most of your audience.

Statistics on your website and ads will teach you more about the market you’re trying to work with. With a stat program, you can see who was on your site based on their ISP related information, cookies, and other things that should be logged when someone visits. You may be able to look at your hosting dashboard or you can use a program such as Google Analytics to show you more details. Just remember that some traffic is not actual people because people send out crawlers to do a number of things online like to index your page for a search engine.

A lot of customers will enjoy signing up for an email marketing list that you run so that they can keep getting deals from you on what you have to offer them. If you can make customers feel like you’re marketing to them and have their needs in mind, it will work a lot better than just ignoring them after they pay your company for whatever it is that you offer. Ask people for their emails and let them know they will be shown promotional material if they are willing to opt-in to the list.

Your products have to be good and any services you offer have to be too. If people start to review your company and it’s mostly negative, it won’t matter if you market well because your reputation is tied to what people say and think. You can try to hide negativity related to you but eventually, it will catch up. Take care of complaints at the very least by giving the customer their money back so that they know you’re not just trying to scam them. It’s easy to fix problems your company has compared to ignoring them and then dealing with the aftermath.

The best way to understand these basic marketing fundamentals is to try using them. A lot of people are better at getting familiar with concepts by seeing them in action. You’re going to be pleased with the results if you work hard.